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What is the At Home With Diversity certification and what are the benefits of using an At Home With Diversity certified real estate agent?

Diversity in our society can take many forms. Specialized education and training help us embrace our differences, and work together to accomplish goals. When applied to your real estate transaction, your At Home With Diversity certified real estate agent is sensitive to your needs and aware of your desires.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 2010 Census,
12.1% of the population are foreign-born.

At Home With Diversity is a certification of the National Association of Realtors®, designed to present a picture of the changing face of the real estate industry.  This educational program has many benefits to the consumer including: equal and affordable housing opportunities, effective communication skills, understanding and awareness of cultural differences, marketing and selling strategies, and strategic business planning to include diversity.  This valuable training helps real estate professionals reach out among the diverse culture we live in to provide professional real estate service to you!

As part of the At Home With Diversity program, the real estate professional applies and practices the One America Principals, in addition to fair housing laws.  These principals were created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

One America Principles
  • I welcome you and want to do business with you.
  • I will base my decision and opinions of you on who you are, not on any preconceived stereotypes or ingrained value judgments.
  • I subscribe to the federal Fair Housing Act and its principles.
  • I embrace and celebrate the strength that diversity brings to our communities and our nation.
  • I will help you find opportunities to buy the home you choose.
  • I will market home ownership to the public and reach out to people who may not know that home ownership is a realistic option.
  • I will make sure you know there is a full range of housing choices available to you, and encourage you to consider all communities and neighborhoods.
  • I will make every effort so that we can communicate with each other. If we do not share a common language, I will work with you to find someone who can interpret.
  • I have incorporated these principles in my daily operations and my overall business plan. I would be proud to share the plan with you.
  • I am here to help you meet your real estate needs because you are the reason I am in business.
  • Please let me know about any cultural or special needs that you have so that our business relationship will be comfortable and successful.

At Home With Diversity
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