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What is an EcoBroker®?  What are the benefits of working with an EcoBroker?

What is an EcoBroker®?

EcoBroker is an education and certification program for real estate professionals who care about the environment and want to promote energy-efficient and "green" features in homes and buildings.
The EcoBroker® logo is the symbol of environmentally responsible and sustainable practices in the real estate industry. Certified EcoBrokers® meet buyer and seller demand for real estate professionals with a real understanding of the issues that drive current market decisions.

Seller Benefits

► Maximize the sale of your home:  potential energy efficiency and environmental features can make the difference! 

► Communicate the energy cost savings of your home:  to help you get the best price for your property.

► Communicate to buyers the benefits of your property:  highlight features of your home, including building orientation and landscaping features.

► Differentiate Your Listing:  working with an EcoBroker® helps you market your property to the growing number of green-minded consumers and gets your listing the attention it deserves!

Buyer Benefits

► Know more about the potential monthly savings or costs of a home:  help you understand energy efficiency and the costs or savings associated with energy-efficient building components.

► Know more about indoor air quality and healthy environments:  help you address environmental issues both interior and exterior.

► Consider building orientation and natural landscaping features:  help you understand energy savings that can be derived from proper building orientation, overhangs, and placement of trees (for shading and windbreaks).

► Find homes with "green" features.

Let an EcoBroker ® certified real estate agent work for you!
Concern for the environment and the future.


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